AdventMind offers ideation, design thinking, idea implementation services as per your need and budget

Idea is worth with its execution!

Good! You discovered an idea - "WHAT" is identified.
We know "HOW" to interprate and mould it into business design.
Together, with design thinking, we can explore "WHY" and achieve your goal.

Advisory support to facilitate you to turn your idea into startup!

Design Thinking trained team to provide you unique set of approaches!

Experience innovative strategy and creative execution for your idea!

Idea realisation solutions and services for individuals, startups and businesses!

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We offer virtual incubator to your idea!

We act as trusted advisors or consultants to individuals, startups, businesses to help them transform their ideas into real and successful products or services.
We provide idea to realisation services within your budget with agile approach including an important determination point when to quit.

Business Design

  • Your idea validation
  • Problem Statement
  • Apply Quick Design Thinking
  • Business visualisation
  • Business sustainance model
  • Risks and Mitigations
  • Roadmap to next steps
  • Branding
  • Business Design Plan
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  • Business Concept and Use cases
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Customer Journey Design
  • Right Language and Words
  • Check Point - Secure IP?
  • Launch Website of your concept
  • Build anticipation and preview
  • Mockup screen prototype
  • Proof of concept
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Marketing and Research

  • Customer Engagement Support
  • AB Testing
  • Customer Feedback Sampling
  • Content Marketing Support
  • Tweak or Enhace
  • Quick Iterations
  • Check Point-Continue or Quit
  • Iterations or Vendor Exit
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We act a trusted partner to our customers in our consulting relationship

1. Focus on your core idea, innovation and expansion

2. Accelerate market realisation with Agile approach

3. Scale business support team on-demand

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